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MDNW says

I’m pretty sure this topic has been brought up before, but I’ve had a lot of requests recently from developers who want to create “developer” templates with some of my products and resell them here at ThemeForest. They don’t want to steal my designs or anything like that – these would be collaborative projects and both authors would get credit/profit.

Specifically, they’d like to take the raw HTML and convert them over to ASP /PHP/RUBY/etc and then release them as separate products. I have my own opinions on this sort of thing (which I can share below), but I’d very much like to hear from the community:

1) Is there even a demand for this sort of “developer” template?
2) Is there a clear-cut way to upload these into the marketplace?
3) Do pre-developed templates (meaning, the HTML has been modularized and coded into PHP /ASP/etc.) offer a value to developers, or is it more of a headache to have to start with someone else’s code (assuming that there are several ways that a developer might package these)?

Some concerns I can see right off the bat:
a) it would require a substantially more complex review process.
b) support for these products would be exponentially harder than offering support for an HTML /CSS template – or even a Wordpress template.
c) most programmers would prefer to just do it themselves according to the specifications of each project.

All comments, ideas, concerns, arguments, etc. are welcome here :) I’ll note that I am not necessarily supporting this idea, or asking for it as a new feature – I’m just gauging what people’s thoughts on it are since I’ve been asked this several times in the last 2 weeks.

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contempoinc says

I think most devs would prefer to do it themselves on a case by case basis, selling them as templates to the masses wouldn’t work in my opinion.

The market for something like this would be so small it wouldn’t be worth all the trouble. I also agree that dealing with a pre-developed template in ASP , PHP, etc…would be a headache having to sift through someone elses code.

On the topic of support I could see a lot of non-developers buying these not knowing what they’re getting into and having mass amounts of trouble, and simply trying to blame the author for it. Already ran into this sort of thing just selling WP themes, I pride myself on providing quick basic support, but some think its required of us to explain how to do custom functions, use photoshop, etc…

I think the negatives out weigh the positives in this case, and would probably be more trouble than its worth.

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MDNW says

@contempoinc : thanks for the reply – this is pretty much in line with my own thoughts as well – lots of potential headaches, not a lot of value.

Anyone else want to weigh in on this?

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kevinsturf says

I feel that: let’s say you’re the developer, why would you need templates be made to whatever language you want it in. you can just purchase and do it yourself. The others , let’s say me, who barely knows much about asp or ruby would see those types of template and wouldn’t know how to go about using them.

So, I really wouldn’t support this that much.

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