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codenegar says

I think Charging a monthly fee and giving access to all plugins and themes is not good for Envato at all. Beside it causes many warez shares.

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fxdigital says

All I know is this … I subscribe to a plugin service which gives me developers licenses of all their plugins…. I also purchase developer plugins if at all possible on all things that I believe I will use again from other sources.

Here, I admit items are generally better … however i only purchase here now, items I cannot find elsewhere… and I imagine lots of developers are like me.

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bolderelements says

This is actually my first go to spot. I hardly look through the free plugins because I’ve had such terrible luck with them crashing a portion of my site. I do agree though, I’ve had buyers request a developer license for an item of mine because they want to use it on all their client websites. I agree it’s already so cheap, but at the same time I think they deserve a discount at the point they are buying 10 of the same item. And why not give them a bit of an incentive? After all, they could just apply your plugin to several websites and try to get away with it. I think this might actually help with sales so long as the developer license states that it can be used for multiple client websites, and NOT distributed via their own website or something. It’s a fine line, but a lot of sites seem to find success with it.