Developers replacing the top frame with their own is the ruining the Theme Forest enjoyable experience.

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startgroup says

I used to love coming to Theme Forest daily to see the new uploads and often purchase. I am usually on my ipad when I do this. I see one I like and open the preview. Once I do, I click remove frame to see the full view. Then bam another one shows up from the developer side, or the page auto reloads with the developers top frame bar causing the whole page to reload. And if you click close frame as its loading the new developers frame it goes to their website because many move the remove frame button to the right. Today it happened on one third of the previews. It’s already gotten to the point I will only check in with Theme Forest once every couple of weeks but now I am so much more annoyed I dread coming back. It’s not Theme Forests fault, but please consider disallowing the developers from replacing your top bar frame with their own. Please? Thank you!

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dnp_theme says

This is out of Themeforest reach. Authors can do whatever they want with their demo sites, and benefit from the top bar in many ways.

I don’t think Themeforest cannot do anything about.

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JudahCode says

Interesting feedback & response.

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GravityDept says

Many authors disable Envato’s iframe bar because it’s not responsive. It would be a worse experience if they left it.

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ChrisMooney says

There was a discussion some time ago that Envato was going to be updating the current demo bar to be responsive. Is this still in the works?

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TonyBogdanov says

As dnp_theme said, technically, I don’t think it’s possible to forbid such an action. Envato might decide to punish such action, but that doesn’t really solve the problem.

Furthermore, I don’t think it’s a problem at all. Many developers (such as myself) choose to use bar to advertise their other themes or place the preview customization options. IMO it’s much better to have all your ‘view dark version’, ‘view on a smaller screen’, ‘change the background’ etc. actions/customizations in a separated, accessible at all times bar on the top, than to place a floating pop-up box on the side, that will most definatelly look bad on mobile devices, float over content on smaller screens and so on.

So, I think things are good as they are right now, if the preview site is fast and has all the options (like buy the theme button that brings you back to themeforest and the close preview button), then you wont even notice the difference.

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startgroup says

I see everyones point. But have you really tracked the sales that originate from the developer’s bar? Me personally I LOVE that their bar is not responsive. When I am on my ipad or iphone, I first load with the bar to see what it looks like on a desktop. Once I am ready for responsive, I close the bar. I use that like a tool, it is great.

In response to using it to market other themes, I didn’t click on their other themes originally. I was attracted to the thumbnail of the current theme so that is all I am interested. In regards to the other versions of the theme, we most always have to go through a landing page first that asks for light or dark versions if they are available.

You are right, Envato probably couldn’t block others from using an aftermarket frame, but they can encourage others not to. I am not sure if others feel the way I do, but it has certainly limited my visits to ThemeForest from an enjoyment process, finding things I like and being inspired to build projects using the themes, to a need to only basis where I only come if I absolutely need a theme. I have mentioned this to a few others and they agree.

Try an A/B test, see if removing that frame helps your sales vs adding your own frame. Try for a week and without for a week. Who knows, I may be crazy, but I may be on to something.

Thank you! :)

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doru says

envato can block external top frames and they should do it as soon as possible BUT at the same time they need to add certain functionality to their official top bar.

first, should be responsive if the preview is responsive (and other technicalities like this that I may not know about)

second should allow you to create from dashboard links to your other themes. the bar should behave as the custom ones letting you switch between your themes.

provide more info to the buyer, as item type, author and price

pro: consistent design across all previews, no more authors who ignore envato rule of not linking to external marketplaces and to free themes for envato buyers, behavior that damages other authors earnings, envato earnings and the future of the marketplace.

Looks to me that some envato staff missed from “protecting your revenue” business school lesson. Forgive my direct approach but this behavior is incredible damaging for everyone business except authors who intentionally break marketplace rules.

It make authors who respect those rules feel like complete idiots just because they are correct in the relationship they have with you envato.

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SamBerson says

This is an interesting thread, and I find it sometimes annoying. However, I don’t see why it causes major problems for you?

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