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avids says


Looking for someone to design a custom Directory Press http://www.directorypress.net/ template.

If anyone is interested please post your contact details and if you have alternative suggestions please don’t hesitate to add also.


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abbygaileness says

I’m glad to be of service here. Please email me at abbygaileness[@]gmail.com then lets go from there. Email me the specifics of the project.


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simonswiss says

i think that if a talented designer wants to have a crack at building a premiumpress child theme (http://www.premiumpress.com) they would have HUGE sales – there is a very large community using Premium Press sites, but to be honest, while the framework is totally awesome and featured-packed, the design of the themes available is… well… weird.

If there was a themeforest-level design for DirectoryPress or other PremiumPress frameworks, i’d jump on it in a blink!

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libraphoto says

did anyone have any joy with this?