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lyricskhan says

You must educate yourself before using a theme. It’s like you have bought a car and you don’t know how to drive it and you blame the car for not moving. As I told you, almost every theme can become a simple blogging website. Just set the homepage as the blog page.
As i told you i dont want multi purpose themes :) haha i am not blaming anyone here i just told my experience with a multi purpose theme
What I am trying to tell you that you can disable everything you don’t need in that multi purpose theme and keep only a blog.

i know it bro what i am telling is when we use multipurpose theme the page load time will become slower :) it is very good for blogs with small traffic as i am from India :) and i have only Indian Daily Visitors, here no one will have internet with high-speed max all internet connections in India are 512kbps and more 256kbps keeping all that in mind i have asked for a simple blog theme page load time is seriously concentrated :) every second counts just take example a blog with 100k to 150k traffic per day if it loads one second slower ??? 150k/60×60 = 41.6 hours :):D almost 2 days :D

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aleluja says

Oh, ok, you are right, page load is a killer for you.