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Landonw says

As you may know, the US was hit by a bad tornado outbreak, the worst in Alabama. Top author Parallelus lives there – who thankfully is alright, but others may not be. In fact, over 200 people were killed in Alabama alone (as far as I know)

So Envato, and the authors of Envato, hell, everyone, if you can, give to the Alabama Relief Fund:


Thanks for helping out – I’m sure the people there who lack the necessities will appreciate it.

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cudazi Staff says

The tornado damage has been on the news in the US all evening, I’m glad to hear Parallelus is ok, I know it affected many people, the photos/videos are terrifying.

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ThemeProvince says

I find it insulting that the UK media has totally ignored this. And I’m from the UK!

Hope everyone is ok. Glad to hear a fellow author is safe :)