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Hehehe, I usually wake up at 9 AM with brutal hangover and feeling like a piece of sh*t. Then I drink a 1L water bottle, take a shower and made my breakfast (nothing fat, eggs are great). Then I solve support requests ( still have a hangover and feel pretty crappy ), grab my laptop and go to coffee house / to my team mate house which lives approx 15 minutes of walk.

there we work and every 2 hrs we play call of duty black ops. In 6 – 8 pm I return to the home, take a shower and usually go to drink beers with my friends -> I usually wake up at 9 PM with brutal hangover….

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duotive says

From what i see here we are the only ones making support all day every day. Why make so much hustle? What do you say, had complaints about support being offered only once a day? And from your experience, is it better with the support forum than with emails?

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ChristineWilde Envato team says

Unfortunately my schedule is a bit restricted because I work full time :(

Mon – Fri

10am – 5pm: Full time web design job. I check my emails and dashboard throughout the day in case there is anything urgent that needs answering.

5pm – 7pm: Drive home, chill out, play on Playstation 3.

7pm until the midnight oil has burnt out: Working on freelance projects and new files

Sat – Sun

See friends, socialise. work work work!