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Stefblokdijk says

Hello, i made a html template for wordpress. I’ve read that you have to include a documentation. What is that documentation. What do i have to write in the documentation?

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charlie4282 says
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CodeFusion says

Correct link: http://revaxarts-themes.com/documenter/

As for what you need to include in the documentation, you need to explain to the buyer how to setup your theme; eg: How to change the logo, set the favicon, use shortcodes, etc.

In other words, you need to write instructions – in a way that, basically, you can give them to your grandmother and she can follow them. Your buyers will have different levels of experience – some professionals, some who have never used installed a theme before.

Most TF authors link to a generic “How do I install a theme on WordPerss” (youtube) instructions – then write specific instructions pertaining to their unique theme.

Generally, the better your instructions / documentation, the less support requests you will have to deal with.