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FinalDestiny says

$2 extra for a wordpress quality theme is a problem? Seriously? If the answer is yes, I think you got the wrong community, a wordpress theme usually costs $3000-5000+, you get the same quality for 1% of the price or even less.

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Dream-Theme says

In my humble opinion if a problem has been solved, the topic can be locked, rather than having it come back to life after 2 years with a spam message and having useless stuff that’s not topic related in there, locking it when a problem is solved is the best solution! Especially for a question with a simple answer!


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AlexFjord says

I could be wrong but I was under the impression that geographical location came into the fees and charges question around PayPal: Check out there T&Cs 4. Receiving money and then 4.6 : “You agree that you will only surcharge for the use of PayPal in compliance with any law applicable to you”

I guess it is legal in some cases

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DzincStudio says

Hi Cindy, please take a moment to read the article, How do I pay for items on the Marketplaces?

In summary, the Envato Marketplaces offer two options to purchase files; Buy Now for convenient one-off purchases, and Prepaid Credits for multiple purchases to save you money. read more

If you still need help understanding the process and/or any legal aspect of purchases/deposits, please be so kind to Contact Support, and they’ll kindly provide any clarification needed.