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I don’t think reviewer can force authors to insert links, or they soft reject, instead could be an idea to have an option to check when uploading the file.
Surely, Arthur, you are right..I just think, that when reviewer see a project with AJ music, but without a link to music in description, he can add in his approval text something like “Don’t forget to add in your description a link to AJ music, which you’ve used”..that’s all..
How about the opposite – AJ authors not forgetting to link back to videohive files? Would this work ? :) Using AJ files should happen after both sides agree about it. Then usage conditions are clear.
You are right, Inlife, and yesterday i’ve added a link to your project:)i understand, that this is important for both VH and AJ authors, maybe for AJ authors even more.. Also, as i understand from support’s reply, VH authors can use watermarked audio even without permission..But i’m finding from time to time files on VH without a links to my music (and surely other AJ authors). I think, it can be easely resolved, if VH reviewers will softly remind about this..
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you can use other authors items in your preview if:

A ) buy the item. – you may use a not watermarked item, you don’t need to provide the link to the original item.

B ) don’t buy the item – you need to use the watermarked preview of that file and you need to provide a link to the original author.

In case A my humble opinion should be to NOT allow the use of non watermarked music in previews since the audio can be easily ripped off.

In case B is mandatory to include the link in your item description. If the link is not present then the item is not respecting marketplace rules and should be soft disabled till the author fix the issue.

To fix this I may try to contact the author and ask him to correct the issue, if I get no answer, then contacting envato support is inevitable.

Not providing the link is a copyright violation like any other even if is done “internally” to the marketplace.

Authors, respect the other authors works as you want them to respect your work. Don’t be a d* :)