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CResults1 says

I had purchased the real estate open house/auto them combo. I downloaded and don’t even have the files necessary to begin anything at all – just basic licensing, etc. info – NOTHING else.

I’ve tried several times. I’ve tried support, I’ve tried Twitter and no response.

I paid for a product I did not receive. Does anyone know how I can actually obtain working copies of the files so I can start? I DID pay for this!


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sevenspark Volunteer moderator says

Hi CResults1,

Sorry you’ve been having trouble with your purchase! I assume you have tried re-downloading the file from your Downloads page?

I’m not sure how long ago you contacted support, but during high volume periods it may take up to a week for them to respond.

You may also try contacting the theme author via their profile page to see if they can assist you. Perhaps they can send you a copy of the theme directly, or there is some trick to finding the appropriate files in your download :)

I’m sure support will be able to get it sorted out, sorry for the trouble!


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TPN Staff says

Hey CResults1, We have responded to the ticket. Please check your inbox. Thanks!