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lexographics says

Envato is a business. If I had a business like it, I would run it the same way if it ensured a steady increase in profit.
Two of us branched off and started our own fitness studio and within 7 months, we were earning as much as we did working for big box fitness facility. It’s akin to a city’s top chefs working for a restaurant they dislike not realizing they can run and operate one themselves that might blow away the competition.

Sure, I understand the situation and there are all kinds of pros and cons for staying with AJ, depending on whether you’re a top seller or not.

To take your example, if a few of AJ’s top sellers decided they were also strong enough to branch out alone or in competition, leave AJ and keep more money for themselves, AJ would suffer a big drop in income. Take out the ‘golden eggs’ (or the geese that laid them) and what do you have left under the current system? I haven’t counted the numbers in detail, but if 90% of your income is earned by 10% of your authors you’re very vulnerable if they decide to move on.

On the other hand, a large number of lower-selling authors/composers might decide it wasn’t a level playing field and quit AJ in big numbers. After all, you can only be patient for so long before you decide enough is enough and try other channels to market your stuff. Then AJ becomes even more financially dependent on the established big sellers they are left with. That may be fine in the short/medium term but if some other royalty-free music site gains a large number of composers and gets to be known as having the widest choice of music, AJ could lose out.

I’m sure AJ owners have thought all of this through with their business strategy, and the overall sense of ‘community’ seems good at the moment, but if I was a business owner in this changing and developing market, I would spread the risk and not spend all my marketing bucks promoting just a handful of top earners.

In another industry, I’ve seen companies get in serious trouble when their top salesmen / executives or engineers left and either worked for themselves or a competitor.

Let’s hope that sales for all of us grow to become more evenly spread in the future, based (of course) on our music being good enough to get buyers’ attention, rather than just because we’re permanently featured on the front page of the AJ site for 52 weeks of the year.

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tacoMusic says

I actually think the top authour lists work in AJ’s favour – it provides goals for new authours to reach so acts an incentive for authours to stay with AJ so they can try and reach the same level. My feeling is it is actually part of the business model, not a risk they’re taking (although I see your point).

We’re trying to take the perspective of Scott in his thread about how to publicise yourself – it’s a marathon, not a run, so the only way to improve sales is to improve your customer relationships and improve your products so that they’re so irresistible that everyone wants them.

In the words of one of the most impressive and promising authours in this marketplace (sweetwateraudio in my opinion): ” Only release your best material…if you wouldn’t buy it, don’t upload it!”

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gbiasillo says

In the words of one of the most impressive and promising authours in this marketplace (sweetwateraudio in my opinion): ” Only release your best material…if you wouldn’t buy it, don’t upload it!”

I couldn’t agree more. I firmly believe that uploading quantity over quality, although may have short term gains for said authors, has negative long term implications, namely 1) having a poor overall portfolio, and 2) makes searching for the gems more and more difficult as there is far too much noise to sift through (no pun intended).

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