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SusannahAllen says

Hello, Are all themes filled with bugs or just some. Does anyone have suggestions for themes that download beautifully and work meticulously immediately?

Appreciate any replies, Thank you

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infuse01 says

Hello, thank you for taking your time and writing me an answer, on the other thread.

And regarding your question: NO The majority of themes and templates here don’t have bugs usually. But sometimes it simply happens. But our review team usually make a good job reviewing the items to make sure there are no bugs. However, there is no such a theme which you can put up and running immediately.

Actually you have 2 choices:

Do it yourself
This involves you completely. You need to learn and try, ask questions, read forums, tutorials, documentations. This takes time but is cheaper in the end.

Hire a freelancer
Put your trust and your money in any freelancer you choose and you won’t need to put a finger up.

Good Luck