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KBRmedia says

I know that this issue has been discussed multiple times, but I want to know the community’s opinion before starting to encrypt it. I am working on a new software and I intend to sell it on codecanyon. I want to encrypt only the script installer. This would be only one PHP file that validates purchase and installs the script. At the end, the encrypted PHP file would be deleted. Everything else would still be open source. I know that this will not prevent piracy of the software, but it will at least give them a hard time decrypting it. I would still provide full support to verified buyers if something goes wrong.

What are your thoughts – should I do it or is it worth it?

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Australia says

You could do that on the demo ( encryption ), but NOT on the sold item.

The sold item, AFAIK must be ready to go, and free from external / tracking installers or keys.

Furhermore, you cannot as far as i know, initiate some means of requiring buyers to pass ref code to decrpyt their purchase