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myjilson says

7th B’day Envato Yearbook Signature

So that’s it. Thanks everyone for participating in this great Envato Yearbook Signature thread. Its been so great to be a part of the awesome Envato community.

Fun Facts

  • 223 Signatures
  • 2 + 2 + 3 = 7 = 7 great years of success ;)
  • 7 days for the entries
  • Submissions till 49th page which is 7*7
  • 490 replies so far
  • Longest Yearbook thread of all time
  • Highest number of signatures of all time
  • First Entry by Rafael Oliveira
  • Last entry by Sonicbyte
  • Hottest signature by UJ-pro (Almost got suntanned everytime ;) )
  • Sacrificer of the thread – NewAgeOfSound
  • Most used words: ”.PNG not .JPG” and “1920×1440” :P
  • Special mention for Envato Staff: Dzinc, contrastblack
  • Special mention for authors: digitalscience, Coriiander, VF

Final Version

So the final version of this year’s yearbook is here.

Download Now

Once again thanking all for participating in this great venture :) See you all for the next yearbook. Now let’s all wait what Envato is going to do with all these efforts. :)

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Carmen Staff says

Hi Guys!

Just want to update you all, a Notes post about this year’s Yearbook has gone live. You can check it out here. You’ll also notice the photo with Envato’s general managers holding the latest Yearbook Signature page! Thanks again to everyone who participated and to myjilson for all the great work bringing this together, you are a legend!