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Sitebase says

If you are like me and you have your Mac terminal always open than this is a very cool snippet that you can paste in your .bash_profile. Now you can type in envato to get your current Envato balance from within your terminal.

Here you can see a little video of the result: http://www.screenr.com/MuHs

Below is the snippet that you need to past into your .bash_profile file:
envato() {

        # Download API result to tmp file
        curl --silent $url > /tmp/envato.xml

        # Get tag value
    echo $ `get_data balance /tmp/envato.xml`

        # Delete temp file
        rm /tmp/envato.xml


# Get a specific tag value
get_data () {
    local tag=$1
    local xml=$2
    grep $tag $xml | \
        tr '\011' '\040' | \
        sed -e 's/^[ ]*//' \
            -e 's/^<.*>\([^<].*\)<.*>$/\1/'
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myjilson says

Great! Also I just shocked by seeing your balance amount :P