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douglazyxx says

Gave my “site feedback” last night (About how Envato doesn’t follow its own rules on Flagged comments) and it gets deleted within 12 hours. LOL.

So let me get this straight…we can only leave “positive” feedback here? LMAO !


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contrastblack Staff says

Hi Doug,

thing is you’ve reported quite a few “non-offensive” comments, and that sort of cuts down your credibility, don’t you think? That being said, if you have something to report regarding an author or item, you can do this through support here : http://support.envato.com

Regarding the duration of the moderation of item comments, the team handling this task is a different team than that handling support, reviewing etc.

You’re free to leave whatever feedback you wish, as long as it’s expressed in a civil manner, which wasn’t the case with your “feedback” (about some of us being on crack for example).