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Firsh says
Already, I make almost the same money than before (Around 150$ to 225$ per day and I expect more in few weeks) ; I sleep, I have long weed-end, I have time for my family, my girlfriend, I play Modern of Warfare 2 and I’m HAPPY . No stress.

Thanks to Envato, hope this business will live forever! Cheers!

+1 hearthwarming! that’s what this is about ;)

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MattexFilms says

I was looking for a way to make money and a friend of mine told me about these marketplaces, so I signed up and decided to make a background. It seemed the easiest and quickest thing to do at the time. I uploaded it and got it accepted. When I got my first sale I was really pleased and exited at the fact that I could make money by making graphics. I looked around the site more and decided to make some Photoshop brushes. I came up with clouds, city skylines and paint splats. They sold a few times and my earnings were going up very slowly.

I realised that if you take a picture of christmas lights in a dark romm while moving the camera around creates a realy cool effect; so I made a background pack of 15 of them (which are yet to sell!) and I was suppried at the ammount they were selling for.

Then I realised IT’S CHRISTMAS so one day when I got realy bored I decided to make a quick 30 second video clip of some falling snow, I uploaded it and it got accepted. In the first few days it sold a few then suddenly I have got a load of sales and it is number 8 in this weeks popular files which was something I never expected. I earned as much money as I did in one month in four days.

So now my earnings are slowly growing and I hope they continue do to so :)

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SonicCube says

Hello World of Creative minds

I had a read trough all the stories and i’m impressed.

Found envato about 3 months ago and thought, it would be interresting try selling some of my work here. In the past i sold most of my work to record labels, on here i would have a bit more “creative freedom” with my creations. So this is the right place i think, its not fixed to a certain style of sound etc.

What makes we wondering : why the Audiojungle authors are the ones who sell the least ? Is it the same as in the music industry in general, that customers see music as a “free to get” thing and are not willing to pay for ?

Well, i thank envato for their great plattform and hope they will always remember that it needs both, envato and the author ;)

Lot’s of creativity and fun for everyone in 2010 !!!!

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ChristineWilde Envato team says

I’ve been on the marketplaces for about 3 months now and I’m mainly active in 3D Ocean. Unfortunately at the moment there aren’t a lot of sales being made on this marketplace. I’m going to stick it out though and hope it gets huge. I’ve still got quite a few ideas for models to upload.

I’ve got a few low priced items on Graphic River which seem to be selling nicely. I’m also going to break into Theme Forest at some point soon. But I have been seeing my sales double each month. Theme Forest seems to be the one place with the most sales.

I hope to be as successful as most people on here who have been able to quite their day jobs and buy cars, etc.

Good luck to everyone!

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Reintroduce says

Hi all. I’m quite new to the network, in terms of being an author. However i have frequented the network since early 2009. As i am reading these testimonials, i find tons of inspiration. I am currently learning html/css and practicing tutorials and creating practice layouts and themes on my free time (it seems like i have none at all!). I think it is great that DD Studio has come so far from not being able to code in january 2009. That’s great… i love his themes and many others. I’m looking forward to releasing my first html/css template on TF in the near future. Right now i just create graphics on GraphicRiver whenever i think of new ideas… and i think i made like $40 or something like that. Not much but ive been designing stuff for a few years for no money at all, just fun. now i can get paid for my ideas. i love the envato network. its quite a helpful community. and its exciting to see how well other authors are doing, even with such huge growth of the sites in the network. all the best to everyone and big thanks to the envato team!

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flashedge says

I was lurking in this marketplace for about two years and started only lately to experiment being an author. I’m doing flash stuff since ‘99 mostly design and timeline animation, though I began later to experiment some actionscript.

After a few months of comparing with other marketplaces I realized that Envato is the best one and I decided to become an exclusive author. It seems that my work is appreciated here and I’m thinking of doing more stuff. ;)

Now I’m here since July 2009 still experimenting this kind of business. Let’s see how things will go. I’m quite happy for now as I’m getting familiar with the whole process and I’ll certainly increase the quality of my work further in the future. :)

I should maybe give themeforest a try. :P

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Giallo says

Yeah banally I quote some other fun guys here: you can have fun, learn english and stay side by side with incredible professional designers keeping your workflow improving a lot!!

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michaelhejja says

Envato helped me not only to make some serious side cash (about 40k so far), but the exposure also helped me to get to the next level in my career. Two thumbs up Envato!!

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Jar says

Wow, these were all so fun and inspiring to read… Can’t wait to get some themes online.

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uniquefx says

Great stories everyone!

Here is my long version:

It all started YEARS ago when Nintendo 8-bit came out and i just had to have it,well my older brother convinced our father to buy a PC and once it arrived i broke down in tears since PC was a stupid machine and you cant do anything with it…well soon enough i found a program called Deluxe Paint / Animator and started doing some animations with my friends.Windows came and so came 3D Studio MAX ,Photoshop,Flash and the rest of them…started doing some 3D and Flash Animations and fiddled with Photoshop on the side…

Years later was working as a Flash Animator in a very small company,well that didn’t lead anywhere and i quit…the “I.T Bubble” broke and couldn’t find a job as a Animator…had to go work with my father in a metal workshop,started learning After Effects on the side.Never did any freelance since this has all been more like a fun hobby to me.

Father broke his back (fine now) and had to quit working all together,company started losing money and had to get rid of someone cheap,so now the bosses were after me,after 6 years of busting my ass i got a letter saying i am on “Unpaid vacation until further notice” so they don’t have to pay the final paycheck and vacation funds…been living on welfare for almost 4 months now (still “on vacation”)

Found Videohive 2 months ago,took me a month to join,only thinking “will i even sell anything” “people will just laugh at my projects and i’ll never wanna do animations again”

Decided to join.Next week will be the first full month here,today got my 200th sale and i must say that the greatest thing here,even better then making money is the COMMUNITY .People sincerely congratulating each other on great projects and wishing them success.

Hopefully with hard work i can make a living from here.

Thanks,you guys are amazing,everyone of you!

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