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I’m very mad at this point… I bought Angus WordPress theme which authors were epicthemes.net (they don’t exist anymore!??) Price was 40 or 45$ and in start I had problems whits some widgets that didn’t work. When I was creating content with their wizard I’ve got message “cheatin’ oh?” which i suppose means that that was some kind of protection…but I bought it absolutely legal !!!

Ok…nevermind, I created site on www.nk-lucko.hr and major thing were just fine until now…my edit post section aint working, I cannot switch to visual mode and editor can’t insert read more and other thing and thats makes me crazy cause theme became useless!!

Ok ThemeForest…what are my legal rights about that question?

regards, Tomislav Bori? tomislavboric.com

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cheatin uh is an error coming directly from WordPress core http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/cheatin-uh-error-in-wp-i-need-help/67556 Google for more

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Unfortunately your legal rights are limited. As freshface said the “cheatin” error is WP generic but as far as the theme not working it kind of depends when you bought it. If it was recently and the theme does not work as advertised then you may be entitled to a refund,. If however it works as the demo shows or it has been over 30 days (I think that’s the limit) then you may be out of luck.

Regretfully there is no obligation for authors to offer support and they are able to remove items or leave the marketplace as and when they want as TF has no legal ownership of any of the files for sale here.

Good luck

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I have the same problem with Angus after updating to the latest WP version. It sucks a lot as the author was selling his theme with the promise of regular updates. It looks like the only right solution is to change my whole website to a different theme. I’m looking at new themes through themeforest, but what guarantee do I have that the authors of that theme will still be writing updates one year from now? Will I have to design a whole new website every time WP comes with an update?

Please advise!