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Hey friends and colleagues. I was wondering if anyone has experience with changing to ergonomic keyboards after having problems with the keyboard hand/arm and if it improved your condition or not.

I am having minor thumb and elbow injuries (again.. just recovered from my back) since i hold my mouse with my right hand and using they keyboard with my left hand while working, my keyboard hand/thumb for hitting spacebar is hurting.. So next to stretches and more breakes and trying to give my fingers rest i am also thinking of buying one of those ergonomic keyboards.

I know i should probably go to a doctor and ask for advice but since everyone here that works fulltime as a designer/producer/editor has/had or is going to have this issues i figured i could pick your brains a bit.

In the meanwhile the information you throw in this thread could be useful for anyone and not just for me.

Looking forward to your experiences.

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Last August, after computer overload, I got RSI in my right hand and arm. I did go to the doctor and was put on sick leave from work and told to have 3 whole weeks without using a computer (or using my left hand if I absolutely had to check email etc).

By the end of the 3 weeks the pain had just about stopped and when I got back to work I got a new ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and a second mouse so that I could swap over to use my left hand. I now use my right hand for design tasks and use the mouse in the left hand for internet and admin stuff.

I would say that it has helped – although the ergonomic keyboard took some getting used to as the split keyboard messed with my typing! The biggest difference though, is that I’m stricter about taking breaks and resting my right arm, as it does still get a bit sore after long sessions on the computer.

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Up until last month I experienced slight wrist tension after a long working day and it also started to transfer to my fingers, so I decided it was time to replace my old wooden :D keyboard with a new one.

Right now I’m using Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 – it doesn’t look like a cutting-edge device, but it does its work for me. It is curved both on the X and Y axes, your hands don’t have to be parallel to one another, neither to the desk and it feels much more natural.

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That non-parallel aspect is a good idea. Thanks for the information, I might get something like that.

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I had RSI this summer and here is what I’ve done:

purchased Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000, Microsoft Natural Mouse 6000; powerball -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyroscopic_exercise_tool started attending gym; took 2-week break from PC.

Now it’s OK and doesn’t hurt anymore.

Hope that helps.