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Anps says

I would like to join this as an experienced buyer and point out that i completely agree with your opinions.

I am not sure what a “code of conduct” would do to help and lets be clear most buyers do not behave in this manner however those that do are in most cases grossly out of line. Maybe a pop up on purchase that requires a tick box reiterating that buyers understand that support is not mandatory and nor is custom modification; just as a final reminder.

I have said it load on here before but this marketplace is a two way street. I have bought just shy of 500 files on this account alone let alone our team one and have submitted a grand total of 7 support tickets to authors with only 1 being due to my own stupidity. In the few occasions I have gone to authors for clarification or help they have all been above and beyond helpful.

I am lucky that I have the technical knowledge and the relationships with author son here to cope on my own in 99% of cases, however non experience may be an excuse for mis understanding – it is not justification for rudeness or unfair behaviour. I think it has something to do with the nature and facelessness of the marketplace. I can bet that a vast majority of buyers who unfairly winge and complain here would realise in real life they are in the wrong and never dare to do it face to face in a store.

I know we read that “without buyers authors would be helpless” BUT at the same time “without authors quite a few buyers would be out of business!”

It really winds me up to see buyers unfairly complaining weather it is about no 24 hours support times or lack of custom modifications, but at the same time I genuinely feel sympathy for those who simply do not understand and are polite enough to understand – hence why the unhealthy amount of time we spend here trying to help people out, and do think it is just good manners for authors to at least manage their expectations.

very nicely put, tough i don’t mind a constructive criticisms, in the end if you don’t like, cant work with it, don’t see our help fit, just ask for a refund but do not shout and be rude, specially i hate buyers who get a refund and after that still wants support and uses a theme, now that’s a whole different level of nasty.

And you mate… go and buy my item :):):)

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uouapps says

Here’s what I propose, let’s create a Buyer’s & Prospects Code of Conduct where every author would contribute in enriching it, let’s call it “The Charlie’s Code of Conduct” :) :

Before giving this code of conduct a start I think there should be a short notice for Buyers to understand the complexity behind the after sale service and the limitations in terms of time & resources, so I think a short paragraph explaining to buyers the team behind the item(s) and the time zone + working hours + response delays so that buyers can expect when to receive answers

1- Before asking a question, the buyer/prospect should at least read the public information about the item (item description, documentation (if available), knowledge base) in order not to ask the same questions again and again + if possible to read the latest comments

2- Understand where to send the information (comment zone, ticket system, PM…)

3- Greeting when writing for the first time (a minimum is to say Hi / Hello) and ask questions in a proper way/manner

4- Respecting a minimum delay after opening a ticket (some buyers expect immediate answers on a 24/7 basis + expect full custom support based on the 35-60$ purchase

waiting for your feedback to keep on going….


UOU Apps

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charlie4282 says

Ha ha I love this thread and am fully behind “The Charlie’s Code of Conduct” and the humbling replies, I want to reiterate the main reason for me posting was to

- Add a buyer perspective,

- Explain that the vast majority of us are not all bad ;)

Prevent anyone suggesting that the thread is overrun by just authors

And most of all to reiterate the importance of both buyers and authors behaving in a way that help manage each others expectation, respect [and blood pressure!]

I do not think there is a general epidemic of bad behavior amongst buyers at all, and the vast majority are polite and respectful. There are some big author names in this thread and all with valuable feedback and great attitudes.

Personally I have learnt more on here form authors than I did in 4 years at uni, and will continue to translate my experience into mutual respect for any author I buy from.

As the for anyothers I am sure that even the “Charlie code” will solve every situation but 99% of the time hopefully it will be a positive experience for at both ends, and I am sure that in the mean time envato will do what they can to help this along.