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bodorobodo says

What do we do when someone (a potential client) requires a specific type of product (genre of music in our case) ?

What do we do when we don’t have what the potential client requires in our portfolio ?

What do we do when someone (a potential client) is expressing his likeliness for someone’s work and he announces he’s very much in favor for that author ?

I might have done wrong with at least one of these situations, this is why I’m just curios about your opinions, quotes from the rulebook, from the Bible and/or any feedback you agree to share. Thank you.

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PatrickAThompson says

If I don’t have what they’re looking for in my portfolio, I will write it.

If there’s not time to write it, I will refer them to another composer whose work I admire and believe they may be able to provide what the client is looking for.

But first…I promote myself. It always me. It’s not mean. It’s not rude or nasty. This is a business and I will take every opportunity I can to make a new connection with a potential client. I will never steal someone else’s client. If THEY come to me, that’s a different matter – but I believe these is something ethically wrong with stealing someone else’s client.

If a client likes some other music, let them go after it… If they aren’t seeking what I have, I have nothing to offer them.

Though music is a business – it must be run with a sense of personal integrity.

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matsteiner Reviewer says

It depends:
I already recommended other authors because i knew they have the perfect song, which i probably never could do like this.
But if i have time and i’m inspired and know i can do it ( i can do many styles), i sometimes even make one quickly as a suggestion.