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contempoinc says

look forward to the pricing control feature

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jremick Envato team says

Collis, Thanks so much for getting in on this discussion. Sorry it is scattered on the forums now, I thought the other threads were locked.

I’m very happy to hear there are revised legal agreements on their way. :-) Thank you oh so much!

In regards to rates and pricing. I’m very sorry if I came off at all “attacking”, “harsh” or “rude”. I definitely do not intend to be that way in any way when talking about this subject (I always sound pessimistic when I talk about this stuff). I really like ThemeForest (evato as a whole really) and have great expectations for it.

I think my main problem with how the system is setup is that it takes so long to reach the 50% level with such a huge investment in work and a rather small percentage of return initially. I understand there is really no easy way around that though. Maybe a “full time exclusive author” program could be invented for people who want to build templates full time? Not quite sure how it would work but it’s an idea. ;)

As Mark suggested, I will contact the support staff with the remainder of my thoughts/concerns/ideas.

Jeffrey, don’t hate me! haha I’m sure you feel like I’m a giant pain but I’m not trying to be on purpose. Thanks for your hard work! :)

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JeffreyWay says

@xmdsys – Oh gee – not at all! People like you make the marketplaces better. Your opinions are greatly appreciated; and I promise that they’re heard!