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JuliaRitter says


I have tried to view previews for several Expression Engine themes and get a “Not found” page every time. This seems to happen with all EE themes. while random other CMS theme previews I tried did work. I just thought I’d let you know in case you weren’t aware of this yet.


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Dzinc Staff says

Hi Julia, thanks for bringing it to our attention. We’ll be sure to contact the theme’s author(s), and hopefully, everything will be fine and functional as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks again!

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oskarfgc says

Buenas noches,

He estado intentando ya por varias horas buscar un theme para Expression Engine y no lo encuentro. En este sitio compré uno hace algunos meses y ahora necesito otro y ya no están disponibles. Quisiera saber si fueron removidos definitivamente o si van a estar disponibles en algun tiempo. Tengo un cliente en espera y me urge comprarlo ya. Muchas Gracias