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Svipic says
How this product can be limited to single application i can’t really understand? Wordpress AdminPage Class http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-adminpage-class/115872?WT.ac=search_thumb&WT.seg_1=search_thumb&WT.z_author=JosephKnightcom

The GPL license that applying to wordpress and the PHP code of it, can’t be sub licensed or be licensed otherwise then GPL.

How it says that extended license is for single application when the product is the PHP FILE where it uses code that uses wordpress DB and wordpress platform to work, and is licensed under some limit.

I really want to understand that.

I can understand that themes and design can be protected as art of work but PHP code can’t couse it uses GPL php code of wordpress to work.

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dtbaker Volunteer moderator says

There may be some CSS, JavaScript or other graphical elements that do not make use of the GPL WordPress code.

Please feel free to submit a support ticket here: http://support.envato.com/ – choose the main “Copyright” category. Please include a detailed explanation of the project in which the item is to be used in.

Best of luck with the project.


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ja1nsa says

I wish I had a single license! I purchased Slider Pro and now it is gone from my downloads. Code Canyon are not responding, so I am stuck with an old version and no way to upgrade! Beware if you buy from here and want to upgrade later … seems I will have to purchase again! Robbery!

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KingDog Staff says

There’s no listing of a purchase of Slider Pro in your account. Maybe the purchase didn’t go through? Anyway, Support will be able to figure it out for you. Thanks!

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ja1nsa says

Well I have the plugin / software and the only place you can buy is code canyon? I also have Uber Mega menus which was also place via Code Canyon or Theme Forest. Maybe I have another account, that must be it? can you search on email address perhaps?