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DryThemes says

It’s really not exact science.
Who will provide support? Who will create and send email campaigns? Who is profile holder? Do designer/coder jumped at 50% (vs TF) or 70% (elite author)? Is this long-term partnership? Do you have good communication?

IMHO if design (just .PSD – without html) is awesome, it’s totally ok to split 50/50

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urbanray says

Very bad approach to estimate the value of the designs here.

Please go ahead and tell the criteria to estimate the value, it will really help many new guys like me.

FinalDestiny is right. This doesn’t show the value of the design. A decent design in good hands can go a long way here. Don’t let the $ 10 price tag fool you.

... and who decides which is a ‘decent’ design’? To me, many of the top selling designs are far from decent, but they are getting lots of sales, some design I think are decent but they don’t have many sales.

You all are here to sell the stuff, do you create items which you think will get sales or you only create the ‘decent’ design? If that would be the case then every second template design would not look same.

Just my 2c.

A reasonable price for a decent design is somewhere between $ 1000 – $ 2000 if the designer decides to sell it for a fixed price.