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Graphic-Studio says

I just posted this on FB, wondering what you might think.

Basically it is rooted around USA businesses, but what is your take about this model for businesses:


In the 70’s we lamented about all the Koreans that owned liquor stores.

Then everything settled down.

Now we have the Syrians moving in.

I know people from Syria, Great People those Syrians!

That’s no problem for me.

The problem for me is this:

A New fellow from Jordan told me “Next the Jordanians are moving in!”

I said “good for you”

He said “5 families make a stronger bridge”

Compared to 1 Family running a store.

My problem is “How come we americans don’t have this same mentality?”

“Why can’t we get 2, 3 4, 5 families together and start a family business that benefits the family as a whole?”

What do you know? : spill it::::::