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themebros says

Sublime Text
Sublime Text is not an IDE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_development_environment
Sublime Text is much more then a text editor with code highlighting.
I didn’t said that it is just a text editor, but for sure is not an IDE. But if you think so, then my favorite IDE is Notepad++. ;) P.S. I agree that Sublime Text is a very good code editor for developers.

Well we differentiate 2 types: Text editor and IDE. I believe Sublime Text is closer to an IDE then it is to a text editor. But it is considered as a Text Editor.

So let’s add a new type, FDE (Flexible Development Environment) and that’s where Sublime Text can go :)

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outandouter says

No Coda lovers here?

I got Coda 2 a few months ago and I’m totally hooked to it. Not as fast or good looking as Sublime Text 2 (which too, btw, I love) but the subtle features that neatly sit to make your life easier(and websites better) are perfect for me.

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prowseed says

I was using NetBeans for quite long time and Eclipse for few days to try out, both were pretty good, but what I noticed since the day I switched to Sublime- they were extremely heavy. In netbeans I had to wait 0.5-1s for code completion ( which is long and my pc spec isn’t that bad at all ) and even running up was taking more than minute. On the other side is Sublime which is super fast, every action, operation is rapid with those vim-like shorthands and plugins that can extend it in every possible way. For now wordpress helper and completion, html, less and php helper, bracketeer and sftp is all I need, with a project control it makes sublime pretty much like small IDE.

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