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libertux says
It would really be great if you could provide some feedback about my Under construction theme framework:

The vidéo is a littel bit long but you can just take a look at it, and this is a list of our theme framework features :
  • Fully customisable css, using smof theme options panel.
  • User can have any design he like just by changing some parameters using options panel (no coding skills is needed!).
  • Page Builder (End of the video 38min:00), similar to Goodlayers Page Builder bu use JSON to store data in a custom field.
  • Integration of many JQuery Plugins that users can activate deactivate according to there needs (Supersized, Cycle, Flex Slider, Nivo Slider, SuperFish ….) .
  • .....

I know that it’s a non compleate work but as montioned above it’s under coding and we like have an idea about what we have at the moment ;)


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rahulkashyap says

it is good video really Awesome work :)

But @libertux i need your little help please can you say me slider option coding how it is work coz i don’t know about it i am know in php

here is framework code (SMOF)

<?php foreach ($slides as $slide) { $slide[‘title’]; $slide[‘url’]; $slide[‘link’]; $slide[‘description’]; }


hope you give me suggestion