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bombernet says

Is it just me, hostage Firework?!

The software that I have better results in my drawings layouts is Fireworks, Photoshop is very complex and boring work is bent upon layers!

Up Fireworks!

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davidossahdez says

Just to let you know, Adobe discontinued the development of Fireworks.
Designing for the screen in 2013 is incredibly different to designing for the screen in 1998.
Fireworks was a great software, but Adobe is more focused now in creating more task-focused tools, for example, Edge Reflow (used specifically to adjust the responsive behavior of your projects).

Check out the complete article about the future of Fireworks in the official blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/fireworks/2013/05/the-future-of-adobe-fireworks.html

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graphic4444 says

i love fireworks and will use it forever myself

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mrcharlesbrown says

I started my design career with Fireworks.