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senel78 says

Hi all,

For our company we need a flash banner and .GIF banner. The deadline is thursday morning, and we have a small budget for this.

Who has time and want’s to do this nice assignment? To be honest: it isn’t a really tough assignment, but it has to have some essential requirements. It is a large rectangle banner (336×280 pixels).

The requirements are as followed:

1. It has to be a .SWF, the version of Flash has to be 8 and it has to have Actionscript 2. 2. It has to have a click tag with the following code: _ on (release) { getURL(_root.clickTag,”_blank”); } 3. The file above has to have a backup .gif file also.

If you want to sign up for this assignment, please mail me before thuesday morning with all your info too senel78@gmail.com.

I want to warn people that we dont have a big budget, but if you do this job okay we might need you to make some other banners for our company.

Greetings and good luck.

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colatudo says

I think you should place this request in activeden Forum