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flashedge says

Yo guys, I didn’t mean to create a flaming thread here.

AD isn’t reflecting the real flash market. I still get tons of work in flash, a lot of advertising minisites and other stuff made only in flash. The mobile market is still young and there shouldn’t be too much concerns about this.

I see awesome wp themes rendered like crap on iPhone and nobody says a thing about it? Try to display some jQuery sliders on an iPhone and tell me how smooth they look.

Lately a customer of mine was wondering why he couldn’t play Cityville on his iPad, he bought another tablet with flash support just to play games on Facebook and trust me there are quite a lot of people playing there.

It’s only a matter of time that people will realize that web without flash is not the real web. Flash is here to stay, there are indeed mobile devices capable to play nearly all the flash content flawlessly. I saw a while ago even my 3D Viewer rendered smoothly on an Android phone and I was amazed on how much power such a tiny thing can have today. I was thinking the days when I was dicking around on my 286 and just had something like 32mb of ram, and now you can have gigs of space in just a fingernail. Technology is going ahead very fast.

Now, stop this depressing wave and start thinking positive. :)

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Aw_Shucks says

FlashEdge, if there was a like feature on forum posts you would have earned one from me with the post above. :) Good outlook, man.

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tsafi says

So, yeah, another thread about how a technology which dies because of bad people and evil trends.
Let’s hold hands and be sad! Damn you, Charlie Sheen!


What’s that new avatar man…. ,should be “FLASH works” not “WP works” did your woman kick you out of the house again ?,we have a new shifter here ,man we have spy’s everywhere on AD or maybe you are just a long extension of PK :P

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MSFX Volunteer moderator says

as per a few requests i’m going to lock this before it goes further off topic and / or out of hand