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nylirotu says


I am newbie with Wordpress and I have one very basic question: How to create footer to Wordpress-site, using flexform-theme.

Please give very step byt step -instructions, cause this is new cms to me.

yrs Nikolai Yirotu

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charlie4282 says

Assuming you mean like in the demo with the 3 columns for text, images and link?

In the dashboard for WP >> Appearance >> Widgets >> You will see a column to the right that will have a section named “footer 1” “footer 2” “Footer 3” OR something along those lines.

Drag items form the main column e.g “Text”, “Recent projects/custom portfolio” and “Recent Articles” (the exact names may be different but cannot tell you without seeing the choices).

Fill out the sections in these boxes and hit save on each