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Perspectivaes says

Hello, I’m planning of producing a few Presentation Templates to see how the market responds so I’m “studying” a bit the ones that are now in the market ( especially the most successful ) and I noticed something that doesn’t make so much sense to me. I’d like to have your feedback on this because maybe I’m missing something here.

Almost all the Presentation Templates in the market have forward and back buttons in the footer and I don’t see a real value in this beside the fact that it could be a nice graphic element to play with.

I mean, for moving from one slide to the other you can use the Navigator or the Arrows in the keyboard; if you are “playing” the presentation the mouse does not even work plus you can use a remote to skip through the slides and if you print the presentation than the forward and back buttons don’t make any sense.

So, my doubt is, why everyone use them ?