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theflyingtinman says
-1 no so good idea

Up or down votes without some reasoning presented for others to consider and discuss are not particularly useful.

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flashedge says

I didn’t mean the preview to be the free download. :|

Honestly I don’t care if somebody steals the files from the preview, there’s anyway a hidden link which points to my profile so I guess it will be more advertising for me. :)

I was meaning a full working limited version of what your item can do, freely downloadable, embeddable and usable. Of course with a watermark or a link to gain visits and also purchases of our item and without any source code: just the swf with xml and flashvars support.

I did an experiment with my tiny player and it worked really good in a few months. Without doing any advertising I managed to have thousands of hits per day because a lot of people downloaded and embedded my player inside its own website for free!

Now I want to do the same thing with an exclusive FlashDen item. Am I allowed to do this?

I’m watching FlashDen for a long time now and started only lately with this kind of business trying to figure out if its worth or not. :P

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Enabled Volunteer moderator says
I meant without source code, of course. Just the swf with a few XML parameters to play with, that’s it. Nothing more.

Alot of people do this already by lifting the files off the preview… so you have the whole XML file and u can edit XML to change content and settings anyways. Our files are cheap here.. so theres no point in promoting free versions of the file, if the buyers like the file, they will buy it :)

Good point DV