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CarolHill says

I am using the template Cafe Bonjour. I need to make it responsive (mainly just the background image on each page). It is a one page template and I am making a regular mutli-page site out of it so I may be need with the navigation (drop down). I am more of a designer and although I’m getting around this template it’s going really slow and need to get this done. I need to make sure everything works properly when it’s completed.

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BenSheppard says

send me a message through my profile page I’ll be able to help you out

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ThomGeskin says
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sandra_2010 says

Hi there!

I would be glad to be of service with regards to this needs. Can you send in the details of your project at my email: sandramercado2010 [at] gmail [dot] com Please be in detailed.


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Marvidude says

Hi, Official Support Staff of Elite Author ThemePunch and ThunderBundies here. I am available for Freelance Work you can head over to my profile page to take a look at my Client testimonials and send me message through here http://themeforest.net/user/Marvidude .