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Thought I’d just put this here.

I subscribed to Freelance Switch’s $7/monthly plan in the hope of finding some quality freelance jobs over there.

I quickly realized that it was a really bad decision. The site apparently has very low frequency of job postings, and most of them are coming from the people looking for $10/hr developer.

To make it worse, out of the bunch of emails I sent to potential clients, none of them actually replied anything, at all.

Basic functionalities like search, location/price/category/etc filtering are also lacking very badly, almost nonexistent!

There are a lot of other job postings site around, most that I’ve known being free.

For a site that charges money, I was expecting a better quality from FS but at its current state, honestly, it’s just a lot worse than their free competitors. Spending $7/month on that site could be the worst investment for a freelancer looking for jobs.

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+1 SyamilMJ

Sadly this is true :( Learned it the hard way.