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smoothwave_themes says

Hey everyone.

I’ve almost complete my “Freelancer Pro” WordPress plugin. I just wanted to let people know what it can do, not to advertise it, but to get feedback on what I should change/add etc. So it currently does this:

  • Manage Projects
  • Manage Clients
  • Manage Contacts
  • Create and send quotes (either emails a PDF attachment or sends a link)
  • Create and send invoices (either emails a PDF attachment or sends a link)
  • Calendar

You can link contacts to clients, clients to projects, projects to invoices, projects to quotes etc. You can link almost anything to something else.

They all use custom post types and the UI is coming along nicely. If you have ever used Freshbooks or thrivesolo then you’ll knwo what features this comes with.

My question is; what features would you like to see?