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alcova says

I just noticed that the theme adds a lot of junk code at the end of the page. This code is invisible on the front end and simply advertises other Themeforest theme. Is it possible to remove it? If yes, how?

If you don’t believe, come to my site www.scuoladibondage.it/wordpress (I might move it from this folder shortly, so if that doesn’t work, try www.scuoladibondage.it instead) and try showing the html code of any page and scroll…. you can even copy/past that code in Dreamweaver… it will show a lot of hidden advertising that I don’t want to have on my site.

Someone has a solution?

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djwd says

The code comes from the side panel on the left, under the link “our wordpress themes”. The settings panel is used for demo purposes usually and isn’t meant to be there in customer’s sites.

I don’t know how you did install the theme, by the way I would address this to the author.