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simonswiss says

Considering opening a support forum for item buysers down the road.

I really like FreshDesk. Does anyone have an experience with this app to share? Would it be possible to integrate the item purchase code to verify that buyers are actually buyers?

Any other suggestions for a supporting platform / workflow?

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ChapterThemes says

I would just go with hosting your own site with a forum.

Don’t know exactly which posts but if you give it a search you can find some great plugins from authors here for using envato purchase key confirmation with wordpress and bbpress forum plugin.

Saves you money and you can have your own support address :)

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ThemeBeans says

We’ve gone the forum route and the email focused route (via Desk.com) and working with Desk is hands down better. Yes it’s more $ and a pain to set up – but it does ease up support a lot and keeps things flowing.

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thepetpoet says

You can also try HappyFox, you can do a simple forum and email based support very easily.