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Crakken says

It’s always good to set your font sizes as em instead of px. There are also great plugins for that, like Fittext, BigText and Lettering but I prefer creating my own responsive css files, I get more control.

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rktic says
Oh, and great post rktic – this topic is super relevant; I’m not in full agreement that this needs to be part of the “review standards”... but as we already have a really high bar set for all other design considerations, I suppose this wouldn’t be a terrible idea. It’s a 2 minute fix for most themes, and buyers will benefit from it.

Well, to my understanding a theme that is “fully responsive” is also readable (and hence usuable) on any device. If i’d pay for such a theme and end up with a site impossible to read on an iPhone i may ask myself why it passed the quality assurance.

Don’t get me wrong, i’ve been getting a little bit of insight during the last weeks about your reviewing standards and i know they’re quite high.

Anyway, the outcome might be regarded as hidden fault, with frustrated users and the QA in question. Shouldn’t happen!

PS: might have some stupid questions about your themes or rather framework, Brendon! Be warned :)