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Sedro89 says


I need a new webhosting service. So I was wondering where do you host your themes. Especially for Wordpress and Magento sites.

Hope you got some cheap and powerful solutions!


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graphic_dev says

For Magento themes; you should find a host that specializes and optimizes for Magento.

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WPExplorer says

Cheap & Powerful…. sounds dreamy.

personally I like MediaTemple.

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yournexthost says

for Wordpress themes maybe you could have a look on Hipposites.com and for all other types of hosting you could have a look on our website www.yournexthost.com

hope that helps

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purethemes says

I’ve been using Dreamhost for years for all my websites and templates. And I’ve been more than happy most of the time, but recently they had some serious issues. But moving all this sites, databases, and everything I’ve collected there would be NIGHTMARE , and at least one week of work. That’s the main thing which holds me there. And they are quite cheap compared to other hostings. But for Magento you’ll need something special.