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loswl says

I don’t think that is going to help. what these search engines need to do is give top priority to legitimate sites like GraphicRiver and push those other sites down to page 1Million. These sites are knocking our product links way down. usually if you search for your product, it is on page 1. If your file is stolen and aggregated to all these sites, then your product link disappear down to page 100 or worse, that affects sales and will eventually affect all of us in the marketplace. I am totally tired of submitting DMCA Notice to remove these warez links, I have submitted over a million links (No Exaggeration!!!) and still not helping, because as soon as a file returns to page one a new file is stolen and the process gets hopeless, I feel like I am spending more time sending DMCA notice rather than spending time designing, all the search engines and these warez sites need to be sued by GraphicRiver!!