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patrickriley2010 says

I would like to move on from convergence which i had a long run with but lack of support and current WP capabilities i need a new theme like that. With a rright side bar ad support, flickr support, author bio @ end of each post poular, related posts. Thanks. Kreisi needs to make one 4 sure similar to his display 3 in 1 but for what im talking about. I run a tutorial site btw.

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FBGstudios says


Well there are a couple of options for your case, may I suggest:

WooiTuts: (Doesn’t have an about the author but check out his tutorial on how to make one:

Magazine o’Tuts: (has an about the author)

Illuminati (no about the author but you can still add one using the link I previously mentioned):

WP-addiction: (about the author included)

neulane: (no about the author)

Hope this helps :)