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conwaydesign says

I have just purchased & installed the GoodMinimal theme by themeforest, adn the first thing I tried to do was upload my own logo.

To my dismay I found that the biggest size the theme allows you to upload is 40px height, which is fine if your logo is long and not so tall, as per the default GoodMinimal logo. However if your logo is skinny and tall, you will of course find yourself in a spot of bother, with the logo being limited to this height.

Am I missing something here, a setting somewhere that I can chage to sort this issue out? Or do I have to suck it up and work to these parameters? Please help.

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ThemeFuzz says


This is a general forum. I recommend you contact the author directly from his profile page or leave him a comment on his item page.

Best regards, Stefan

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charlie4282 says

This is best directed to the author BUT the logo can be whatever size you make it – it will be a CSS setting in the theme – that said you need to be aware of what effect changing it will have on the rest of the header section and the nav menu etc so it is still probably best to go via the support for the item.

Good luck