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You can also put some sort of “follow me” or “stay updated” image in your profile description and have the image hotlinked from your site.

This way you can track your profile page visitors with any statistics software.

I think you could do the same in your items description, like after the features of the item, have a thumbnails list of other files of yours, and do the same as above.

I don’t see Envato implementing this feature, because the only case in which it would make sense to offer it is if they give you more statistics than you can track with the method above. And that’s a gray area when it comes to customer privacy :)

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thanks for telling me about this. I can use this mean while we have something better and ya I was think of trying google analytics too by pasting its script in my profile.

Hi. I’m using this service: http://www.website-hit-counters.com/ to track visitors in my profile page. If you look in my profile, at the bottom, you will see the counter. I send this link because other counters are quite “horrible” and distorting. This site has this one so tiny it even goes unnoticed for visitors.

Hope it helps.

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I’m working on my own project, similar to this. It’s a combination of google analytics and the envato dashboard thing already on-sale codecanyon. Except mine will be a hosted service with basic statistical-AI suggestions, and entirely free of charge _ If any of you are interested in beta testing the service in a couple days, or have unique ideas of stuff to include, please contact me.

I’d give that a whirl!