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cmF says

Hey everyone, just wondering why /wp-includes directories are being indexed on my site? It’s kind of embarrassing that you can see various directories and their contents:

- Author.php
- Cache.php
- Cache/
- Caption.php
- Category.php
- Content/
- Copyright.php

So what happened? My site runs fine but did I install it incorrectly? And how do I fix this? Thanks!

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ichurakov says
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dtbaker Moderator says

You need to turn off directory indexing.

Ask your hosting provider

or if you are familiar with editing .htaccess files you can try adding Options -Indexes to it.

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danial32 says

You can bloack those pages with robots.txt . Bloacks with bots will not index any url which you listed in that file.

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krafti says

check out google webmastertools robots.txt, Disallow: /wp-includes/

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awan_move says

you could use robots.txt to dissallow: wp-includes/ wp-admin/

or you could put htaccess with : Options -Indexes on wp-includes directory