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Quevega says

As most of you are aware, Google is now stripping out keywords searches on certain visitor analytics if a visitor is logged into a Google account. What chance does the genuine web designer have if they slowly obtain a stranglehold? and it denies you of the right to your own personal statistics

If (and I am 100% sure that there is a brilliant Codecanyon author in the wings) that can come up with a solution, I would happily pay good money to stay one step ahead of the surreptitious and devious activities of the Google conglomerate, as I am sure this topic will irk several others when they see “Encrypted Search” on their statistics rather than the info we are entitled to.

Rant over (Happy Christmas and New year to the good guys!)

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CodingJack says

Didn’t know that’s happening. Why are they doing this?

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nCrafts says

It’s visible to adsense users.

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graphic4444 says

good catch; keep us updated