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sytseelzinga says


I’m looking for a google maps ‘plugin’ for wordpress. The plugin must have:
  • Clustered markers
  • a filter
  • posts previewdata from wordpress database in combination with Google maps markers
  • This is the idea: working example This example loads posts already, even when zoomed out, which makes it slow? I want the fast version of this one…(with even more clustering)

    I want it to be linked to an existing wordpress database. The plugin must be ‘user friendly’.

    This request comes with a payment if necessary.

    gr. Sytse

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    stuple says

    Hey Sytse,

    I have experience with such a ‘slow’ loading of posts from Wordpress for a map display. A simple solution is to store the information about the markers locally (cache) and load them instead of referring to the database. The clustering is rather straightforward and I have had experience in building filters many times in the past.

    Feel free to contact me via my profile if you would like to discuss possible solutions further.