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JohnRosso says

why not?

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Dream-Theme says

Now that’s embarrassing. I have to admit my ignorance :)

Well, I realized that it is matter of map projection. But it just looks so wrong. Believe me or not, but for years of using GM this is first time I “zoomed out” enough to notice it :) From my school years I remember map projection like this: ( http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:A_large_blank_world_map_with_oceans_marked_in_blue.PNG )

BTW, out of curiosity I showed that screen to couple of people. 4/5 said “Wow, that’s wrong.. Maybe they’re using some specific projection?”; and one said “What? What’s wrong with Greenland? Never thought about it :silly:

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bluthemes_ says

relics from the colonial age still going strong (was intentional and still is). maps were made to show the “importance” of the “civilized” world upon the rest of the “savage/primitive” world. Note that Africa is “huge” comparing with Europe

The Lambert projection makes it easy to navigate, you can create flight plans/shipping route by drawing a straight line on it and easily know your direction and you don’t need worry that you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere.

Maps were made to be accurate when sailing back in the day not to show how small Europe is compared to Africa, that’s just silly.

source: pilot